Winning with electrode design to reduce energy costs in traditional processes and UATâ„¢ Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Filtration Systems to meet any tap or brackish application need.


Nickel and cobalt production,  precious  metal refining (gold, silver), recovery of copper from bleed streams or valuable metals from industrial wastewater, are some of the applications of our titanium DSA® anodes.

Power saving, enhanced productivity and operation improvement are the results of using De Nora titanium insoluble anodes in electrowinning applications.

Since 1972, we have worked to improve anode coatings to  better serve nickel and cobalt refineries and today we count more than 40.000 De Nora DSA® anodes installed in refineries and recovery operation plants, providing high efficiency and optimum quality of  recovered metal. We offer a very a wide array of energy-efficient products for the electrowinning of non ferrous metals.

De Nora’s  R&D department continues to develop new products for copper and zinc electrowinning.   We are constantly looking for innovative solutions that ensure performance improvements under a  technical and cost-effectiveness standpoint.  

Nickel & Cobalt Electrowinning

We have been one of the first supplier of Mixed Metal Oxide anodes for chlorine leach process of nickel, and nowadays develops, engineers and manufactures advanced solutions for mixed chloride/sulfate electrolyte.

Copper electrowinning

Mixed metal oxide (MMO)-coating titanium  anodes are gaining acceptance  even  in copper electrowinning versus lead alloy anodes, still fitting the majority of commercial metal electrowinning  plants.


Water is an integral part of the mining and metal production process. Large quantities of water are required in sufficiently high quality for all areas of mine operations from exploration, mining, processing, smelting and refining. The requirement to provide treated raw water through to water reuse.

- Treat raw water for pre-treatment
- Remove suspended solids, colloidals, organics, iron, manganese and other contaminants from raw water source
- Provide high quality water for process or boiler feed using Reverse Osmosis
- Treat and reduce effects of Acid Rock Drainage using reverse osmosis
- Treat cooling tower water or process water using disinfection technologies such as sodium hypochlorite
- Treat wastewater
- Treat contaminated water for environmental discharge or reuse using membranes


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