In the marine market, ocean-going vessels and fresh water or inner coastal boats require water treatment technologies to meet drinking water, process water and wastewater requirements.

Offshore oil and gas operations and ocean-going vessels generate sewage that can contain contaminants which have a detrimental effect on water quality and the overall marine environment. As a result, marine sewage treatment systems are required to lessen the environmental impact. The MEPC.227(64) effluent standards, adopted by the International Maritime Organization’s Marine Environment Protection Committee, apply to all sewage treatment systems installed on board on or after January 1, 2016. 

Black and grey water treatments

De Nora Water Technologies offers a package of unique treatment systems, designed to provide effective electrolytic treatment of both black and gray water. OMNIPURE™ systems are designed for global offshore oil and gas applications while the OMNIPURE™ Series 64 G2 systems are designed to meet the MEPC.227(64) effluent standards in similar applications. MARINER OMNIPURE® Series M55 systems are designed specifically for marine applications


Seawater filtration

The UAT™ Pure Pro series of seawater desalination membrane filtration systems suitable for a variety of applications. The UAT Pure Pro Systems effectively produce fresh treated water, free of particulate matter or contaminants from a seawater source. The UAT Pure Pro systems purify seawater to provide fresh water for drinking and other sanitary needs, equipment wash down, boiler makeup feed water, engine cooling, and other requirements.

Ballast water treatment


The Type-Approved and patented BALPURE® ballast water treatment system is a simple, reliable and flexible electrolytic disinfection treatment solution to meet the most stringent ballast water discharge requirements. Using a slip stream approach, the BALPURE system can be remotely mounted away from the ballast lines and split into small sub‑assemblies to minimize other equipment relocation and additional engineering/ship re-designs. Ideal for new builds or retrofits, BALPURE is IMO Type approved for all water conditions and has applied for US Coast Guard type approval.


UltraDynamics® systems are designed for installation and operation in a rugged salt water environment. System are available to meet crew complement sizes ranging from 10 to 500, treating 20 to 1,200 gallons per minute (gpm) per UV vessel.

Systems can be designed to meet application specific needs, including Class I, Division II compliant UV systems for hazardous area classifications. NEMA 7 and “Z” purge designs are available.

Ultraviolet disinfection is safe and systems are easy-to-operate. 


De Nora Water Technologies also offers a range of aftersales and service solutions from a complete range of spare parts through to bespoke training and operating packages to maximise your equipment life and operational efficiency

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