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De Nora India Limited (erstwhile known as Titanor Components Limited) is a Public Limited Company with 53.68% equity held by De Nora. The Company is a subsidiary of the De Nora Group and has brought to India the latest technologies with the complete support of De Nora's technical expertise and management. The Company is headed by Mr Vinay Chopra, Managing Director, who leads a team of professionals with vast experience. 


De Nora India as part of De Nora is  a leader in the fields of:

  • Cathode & Anode for Chlor-Alkali Industry
  • Electrochlorinators
  • Cathodic Protection Systems

De Nora is recognized worldwide as a leading supplier of technologies for the production of chlorine, caustic soda and derivatives for the chlor-alkali industry as well as the largest worldwide manufacturer and recoater of noble metal-coated electrodes, electrolyzers, coating solutions for the electrochemical industry in general.

Energy saving and environmental protection are De Nora's distinguishing technologies.

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De Nora India Ltd.

Plot Nos. 184, 185 & 189 Kundaim Industrial Estate Kundaim, Goa 403115, India
Tel. +91 832 673 1100/1177