“DSA” is well known in the industry and is often misused as a common noun to indicate insoluble anodes or MMO (Mixed Metal Oxide) anodes. DSA® is a trademark of De Nora associated with a family of products developed by De Nora from the early 60’s to date.

DSA® anodes are titanium anodes coated with proprietary and patented mixed metal oxide compositions comprising different elements such as iridium, ruthenium, platinum, rhodium, tantalum. Thanks to the specific characteristics of coating formulations and techniques, developed by De Nora’s R&D centers and scientists, DSA® anodes can be employed in a wide range of processes, including the long established application in the chlor-alkali industry as well as the most recent utilizations in involving oxygen evolution.

DSA® anodes O2 evolution

Long service life, mechanically stable and fabricated into any shape: De Nora DSA® anodes for oxygen evolution have excellent performances and durability.

DSA® anodes for chlorine evolution

From the chlor-alkali industry to water disinfection and water treatments, De Nora DSA® anodes are the invisible building blocks in thousands of products that make life healthier and more comfortable.